Road Repair update

Friday, 28 March 2014

The following up-date on the planned road repairs has been obtained from Oxford CC Highways Dept.

Road Repairs in Sunningwell Parish
Due to the terrible weather conditions in January it was not possible to complete the planned road repair work between Bayworth and Sunningwell.
Only four days work had been possible before it was decided to abort the project.
Work on the same section will be resumed on 19th May when the road will again be closed.
All being well with the new expected budget allocation, further significant work is planned for June – July this year.
This will cover the stretch of road from the foot of Brumcombe Lane, where the previous resurfacing finishes, all the way into Bayworth.
Three months notice of road closure will be given.
Some minor repairs are also likely to be done to the stretch from Sunningwell to the Wootton Road.
Finally, the potholes along Foxcombe Road, which have been marked in white, should be patched by mid April.

The above report was given to Sunningwell Parish Council by Cllr. Colin Weyer at the meeting held on 26th March 2014.


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