Sunningwell Parish Council - Neighbourhood and Community Plan.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sunningwell Parish Council is intending to produce a formal Neighbourhood and Community Plan.
During the preparation of these plans, of which the first is the more formal part related to planning issues, extensive participation by local residents will be encouraged and indeed is essential.
The decision to proceed has been arrived at following a full initial consultation with every household in the parish.

There is continuing concern about the possible Park & Ride and Lorry Park at the A34 Lodge Hill interchange which may be imposed on Green Belt land in Sunningwell parish.
Once the green belt has been breached there are fears that this might enable developers to take advantage of Oxford City Council’s request that an additional 1000 houses from their own housing requirement be sited between Oxford and Abingdon.
We understand that a formally adopted neighbourhood plan might assist in resisting these being placed in Sunningwell Parish and also, in a worst case, enable the actual location of any additional housing imposition to be influenced.

Abingdon Town Council have requested that the part of Sunningwell Parish to the south of the A34, where about 800 extra houses are already proposed, be included in their plan.
Similarly SPC will be requesting that a small portion of Wootton Parish be included in the Sunningwell plan. Namely: the houses on Boars Hill which are in lower Fox Lane (below the old Foxcombe Lodge Hotel and ending with Blagrove Cottage) and the few which are along the western branch of Lincombe Lane (ending with Ashbrook). These 20 or so properties directly adjoin and form a part of the community of Boars Hill and do not form a part of any other nearby community. We understand that Wootton parish are not proposing to do a plan of their own. The final decision on these matters rests with VoWH DC.


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